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Photographs © Copyright Carlos Reyes-Manzo
February 2004

Fence marking the border with the US in Anapra a settlement on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez   Families living in Anapra   Bus collecting people who work at the maquiladoras
Warning against dangers of swimming across Rio Bravo to reach the US   Train where people hide to cross the border into the US   Road in Cristo Negro
Cristo Negro where the bodies of three women have been found   Lomas de Poleo where the bodies of eight women have been found   Campo de Algodon where the bodies of eight women have been found including one unidentified
Paula Flores, mother of
Sagrario Gonzales Flores
  Mother of Erika Ivon Ruiz Zabala   Consuelo Valenzuela, mother of Julieta Marleng Gonzalez Valenzuela
Esther Luna, mother of
Brenda Alfaro Luna
  Mothers of women killed in Juarez VDay 2004  
Eve Ensler, Sally Fields, Jane Fonda, Marinita Escobedo on VDay 2004