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Photographs Copyright © Carlos Reyes-Manzo
An exhibition by Carlos Reyes-Manzo sponsored by
Save The Children
The Bargehouse, October 2004
The Basement Gallery, November 2004

Makele, Ethiopia 1984  
Makele, Ethiopia 1984
  Makele, Ethiopia 1984
Celebrating Ethiopian New Year 2004   Mohammed Worku 14 attends school in Akesta with inclusion program for children with disabilities, Ethiopia 2004   Roadside cafe, Ethiopia 2004
St George's Orthodox Church, Lalibela, Ethiopia 2004   Tseynesh Hussein and daughter, Rabiya 2, Guguftu Village, Ethiopia 2004   Carrying injera baskets with pancakes to sell at Korem market, Ethiopia 2004

Scarecrow at work, Ethiopia 2004

  Women building river defences on River Tikur Wuha near Woldiya, Ethiopia 2004   On the way to Woldiya market
Ethiopia 2004
Chiro Town, Ethiopia 2004   Seid Mohammed 33, a member of a local disability rights group in Akesta 2004   Three sisters orphaned through HIV/Aids Akesta, Ethiopia 2004